Monday, April 19, 2010

Netflix Actors screenshot from #ipaddevcamp

Winner of the best use of web API prize. Based on Netflix OData API. Concept and player interface code by Adrian Cockcroft, OData queries wrangled by Kirsten Jones, user interface design and almost all the code by Andrew Pouliot, with thanks to AQGridView by Alan Quatermain

Netflix Actors iPad app screenshot

The OData API is a free and open interface to the Netflix catalog, you do not have to be a Netflix customer to use this app, it needs a Netflix login to play an instant movie, but you can browse all Netflix movies and actors, and OData supports slice and dice queries into the catalog.


Scott Diego said...

I've found one problem with the Instant Queue app:

Viewing the "Latest New Choices RSS" and when you reach the end of the list, the program quits. (FYI: There's not a "Delivered by Netflix" at the bottom of this list like all the others.)

Running the app on an iphone 3GS (Version 3.1.3)

[I wouldn't have posted this but there doesn't appear to be an email address for support.]

Adrian Cockcroft said...

Yes, sorry it's an off-by-one error in that list. I found it already and fixed it in the next version, which has been delayed by the work on the iPad app. Many thanks for reporting it.