Monday, April 19, 2010

Netflix Actors screenshot from #ipaddevcamp

Winner of the best use of web API prize. Based on Netflix OData API. Concept and player interface code by Adrian Cockcroft, OData queries wrangled by Kirsten Jones, user interface design and almost all the code by Andrew Pouliot, with thanks to AQGridView by Alan Quatermain

Netflix Actors iPad app screenshot

The OData API is a free and open interface to the Netflix catalog, you do not have to be a Netflix customer to use this app, it needs a Netflix login to play an instant movie, but you can browse all Netflix movies and actors, and OData supports slice and dice queries into the catalog.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

iPad developer camp coming up this weekend

I will be working on improving the user interface of my Netflix app to take better advantage of the larger screen and integrate with the Netflix player.

Monday, April 5, 2010

IPad Compatible

I have an iPad to test on and the existing V6 of Instant Queue Add for Netflix works fine in iPhone compatible mode. Also sales are up over the weekend as more people are thinking about Netflix on the iPad and iPhone...

I am going to make a small change that allows better integration with the Netflix app on iPad and do a simple conversion to a universal app, so all existing users will get an iPad version.

The integration is to provide an easy way to get to the Netflix website page for a movie, then you can hit the play button and it will Invoke the official Netflix app and play the movie or episode.

This message typed on the iPad, the iPhone seems so small now.....