Monday, October 19, 2009

Instant Queue Add - IQ+ Lolomo Version 5 has been released

This is a major upgrade, it includes a new personalized data source that chooses around 2000 titles for you and arranges them in up to 24 lists of up to 100 movies each. This is the same lists of lists of movies (lolomo) that appear on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Media center.

The login and startup processes are now much more streamlined and give better feedback, and the information per movie has been increased on the lists and on the movie display view. All lists can now be sorted on the iPhone by several factors, although the Instant Queue does not get sorted back at Netflix (yet).


Aaron West said...

I like the new app. Thanks for the update. Do you think there's a way you'll allow us to browse movies by decade? That would be tremendous!

Matt Smith said...

I feel deceived by the description in the iTunes app store. It indicates that I could reorder and sort my queue, which is not the case. I would not have purchased it were it not for these false claims.
Now that I have seen you released some pertinent code, perhaps I will take a look at it when I update my operating system. In the meantime, please revise your app's description.

Adrian Cockcroft said...

Hi M@,

you can re-order your queue with the edit button, which lets you drag queue entries to any order you want one at a time. You can also move any queue entry to the start or end of the queue.

You can also sort the copy of the queue on the iPhone, but it doesn't change your actual queue.

At the time the app was released, the Netflix API did not allow full re-sorting of the queue in a single operation, but since then they have supported it, so for the next release of this app I am working on getting this to work.