Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Version 3 coming soon with Instant Queue

The next version in development now loads your instant queue at startup or when sign-in completes, it indicates movies that are already in your queue whenever they appear in a list, and it changes the [+] to [more] to pull up similar movies. To see the complete queue an option was added to the search menu popup (which now also sets input focus automatically).

The occasional problem where an added movie would not have any similars was a bug in the Netflix API, and it was fixed on Nov 24th, so now every movie should have similars available.

The app now takes longer to startup (depending on your queue size) so some better user feedback is needed, and a delete from queue option needs to be implemented, but a new release should be out soon.

The user interface isn't very "polished" as some reviewers have noted. I have some ideas, and that is likely to be the main focus of the subsequent release. Sales have stepped up to a new level with V2, which is encouraging, many thanks to everyone....

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Unknown said...

I'd love to send an email with a few questions and suggestions but can't seem to find any contact info for you.

Would you mind shooting me an email at dashbuster at gmail?